Began 28 days ago with 200 mg Deca every three days, and today bumped that to 300mg plus 150mg Test cyp.

I front loaded the first two injections at 300mg.

Being in moderate condition to begin with initially made me hesitant to start the cycle- but I was just too frustrated with old injuries and the required six months to get in shape. So, I hit the pin through an MD’s prescription from a custom pharmacy. We talk and he orders up the mix and it is delivered next day air. It is expensive, certainly, yet trusting the solution is worth the price. Having been scammed in the past, and seeing friends develop subdural hemotomas from fake Sus 250 cured me. While not all favorable solutions are available, such as Primobolan depot, most effective mixtures are.

It took about two weeks before I noticed any change in my strength, and today I noticed a substantial difference compared to baseline at day 28. My bench has increased most notably; day one was a struggle to get 5 reps of 205- today I banged out 5 reps at the top of my pyramid with 245, easily. I am confidant that I could push more weight, but I do not want to pick up any injuries so I am going slowly- well, pretty slow.

The diet, always the toughest thing to control for me, comes next. All white meat, low dairy, reasonable carbs- the usual protocol. I am also taking Creatine post workouts, along with a variety of vitamins and supplements. The only concern I have currently is the Deca Dick, which seems to be something I am susceptible to.

At week two I took a complete physical; blood work, baseline and exercise 12 lead ECG, and VO2 Max. The blood work came back normal except for elevated lipids; the VO2 Max showed an anaerobic threshold at 35 ml/kg and 146 bpm...all about average for my age. My cardio plan includes elliptical training 2-3 times per week for 45 minutes at less than 146 bpm, greater than 110 bpm to burn fat; 2 times a week for 45 minutes at 146bpm-175bpm interval training for cardio and VO2 Max, and once a week for two hours at 130-135bpm. The Precor EFX is the only cardio piece I can work due to trashed knees. The results of this testing gave me an accurate baseline of where I burn fat, and at what percentage for a given workload/heart rate. I highly recommend this type of testing as it takes the guess work out of training. My MD just happens to be the fella who developed the calorie/Met algorithms for Precor, so I am dialed in on the EFX.

The Test was added to combat Deca Dick, which manifested itself in a lower than normal (way lower) sex drive and wood. I picked up some Viagra to address this from a local MD, and it does the trick. Nevertheless, my HRT MD suggested Test, Aromasin , and a supplement with Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, and Stinging Nettle Root. The Aromasin is to block estrogen (although my recent blood test showed normal levels), and the supplements to combat other side effects (hair loss, etc). I am currently scaling the Deca at 300mg and the Test cypionate at 150mg every three days; I plan to increase these levels gradually to 400+200, then drop down to 200+150 over a 16 week period. That is the plan anyway, which can always change.

I'm holding off starting the Aromasin for a few weeks, jut to get a baseline on the effect of the Test+Deca combination and until I get another blood test. No sore nipples yet, and no showing of gyno.

I’ll keep you posted on the Test and Deca Dick, along with my gains and conditioning- if there is an interest.