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    my first cycle and my cycle soon to come

    I did my first cycle at the end of last year. I used Deca and dbol . I shot 200 mg of deca every 5 days and was taking 50mg dbol a day. I went from 135lbs to 160lbs in 8 weeks. I was pleased with the results . I'm gonna do another cycle this fall and I was wanting to use deca again and I was wondering if anyone could help me come up with something to stack it with. I was thinking I could go 200 mg deca every 5 days and stack it with the sustanon 250 and then finish my cycle up with about 4-6 weeks of winstrol to really cut up. I'm just lookin for advice. If anyone has any opinions about this stack or thinks they have a better one they can give me please do. Thanks.

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    if ur looking to put on some good mass go w/ the sus/deca /d-bol! or u could just stick w/ test enanthate , so u dont have to shoot eod! i would run the deca @ 400mgs/wk at least, and then 500mgs of test (sustanon , enanthate, cypionate etc..)

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