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Thread: It has begun!

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    It has begun!

    1-12 test prop 70mg ed
    5-12 fina 70mg ed
    9-12 winny 50mg ed
    Clomid post

    I got my gear today and as soon as I got home took my first shot. I have enough prop to star with 100mg for the first 4 days to build up some blood levels. I want to run the prop alone for a few weeks to see what I get from it. I will post updates with pics of before and after. I have no problems training hard but need to be vigilant with my diet. Goal is to only gain 5lbs and reduce body fat. I will be doing the treadmill 1/2 hour 4 times a week. High protien 250g, low fat moderate carbs is my diet plan. When should I start Clomid? The day after my last prop shot and winny dose or 2 days after?
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    2 days after should be sufficient. Do you have fina pellets or an actual co. brand? Im dying to find some of either. My guy used to get the Ttokkyo labs fina b4 they went under and that shit was ridiculous!! I heard there is a new lab with great products out including the new Test. 400 wich I just purchased... lemme know

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    Sorry thought you were running tren 12 weeks.

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    Good luck bro... looks awesome!


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