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    Dbol/Winny stack

    Ok, I have looked everywhere for information on cycling Dbol and Winny. I have found only a few opinions. This will be my second time using Dbol. The first time I only used Dbol. I experienced decent size gains and defiate size. I took Nolvadex about twice a week. This time I want to Try it with Winny. The question I pose to everyone is this. Should I stack the two or go Dbol weeks 1-6 ED, then Winny weeks 7-10ED? I will be using Novaldex again. How often should I take it? Once again I am hearing conflicting opinions. Some say to take it only when you notice a problem. Others say, once you have the problem its to late. So play it safe and take it from the beginning. Below is the cycle I plan on using. All opinions are appreciated.

    Dbol 50mg. ED weeks 1-6
    Winny 50mg. ED weeks 7-10


    Stack the two, same mg's


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    of course once you have a problem it's already too late...

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    no test???

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    Another Needle phobia me thinks....

    If your gonna play the game bigfan, play it properly...

    While your ordering all your staff... put yourself on the liver transplant list too... gonna need it one day...

    On a more serious note... that is really gonna be tough on your liver Bro.. Either quit using steroids altogether, or cycle properly Bro... Even making a small chage like running the dbol for the first 4 weeks, Test weeks 1-10, and Winny 7-13 or similar will make the cycle much safer and effective... As it will give your liver time to recover between the two 17aa's...

    Look after your body mate.. you only get one..


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