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    anavar/primo depot or winny depot/primo depo..HELP??

    Which one do you think is better? Im 24yrs, 189lbs, 5'10, im not slim, but im not fat. It is very hard for me to get cut and lean I don't want to bulk..I just want that lean cut look with a safe and good cycle..which one do you recomend?? Also, can I still continue to use Ripped fuel?..Help!

    Anavar Primobolan Depot HCG
    WEEK 1: 20mg/day 200mg
    WEEK 2: 20mg/day 200mg
    WEEK 3: 20mg/day 200mg
    WEEK 4: 20mg/day 200mg
    WEEK 5: 20mg/day 200mg
    WEEK 6: 20mg/day 200mg
    WEEK 7: 20mg/day 200mg
    WEEK 8: 5,000-7,500 iu
    WEEK 9: 5,000 iu
    WEEK 10: 3,000 iu

    I will also add some clen to the anavar/primo cycle

    Winstrol Depot Primobolan Depot Clen
    WEEK 1: 100mg 100mg 1tab - 3 times a day
    WEEK 2: 200mg 100mg 1 tab - 3 times a day
    WEEK 3: 200mg 200mg
    WEEK 4: 300mg 200mg
    WEEK 5: 300mg 300mg 1 tab - 3 times a day
    WEEK 6: 200mg 200mg 1 tab - 3 times a day
    WEEK 7: 200mg 200mg
    WEEK 8: 100mg 100mg
    WEEK 9: 1 tab - 3 times a day
    WEEK 10: 1 tab - 3 times a day

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    Personally I'd go with the second cycle, but bump the doses. Winstrol is OK at 200 per week, if it is injected EOD, Primo you should pump to 400, and don't taper, just keep it at 400 a week for the whole cycle. Don't taper the winstrol either. And if your Clen is only at .02mg-tab, you need more then three, like 5 or 6. But besides the dosages, looks good.
    Best of luck.


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    low test and tren

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