I am going to post every week if possible. Last Fiday I did a 100mg in my right thigh and could barely walk. 8 days later the pain is nearly gone but I still have a limp.I hit the thigh one more time during the week and it wasn't as bad. I will warn people if they plan on doing ed injections of prop they better be prepared to suck it up because a lot of the prop out there hurts bad. Read about injection pain and techniques to minimize before you start not after like I did.
My results so far, after about 3 or 4 days I could see my skin get that subtle blueish tint I get when on. Today I felt much more intrense but my strenghth hasn't really changed. My back/bicep routine today gave me a good pump but only slightly better than normal. I am starting to see my neck, traps, and lateral delt starting to increase in the last 3 days as well as my quads.The quads could just be from inflammation. I will continue to make updates. I have my Fina and will be throwing that in, in a week or two. I want the prop to be fully kicked in before I start fina to maintain my libido. I also am hoping that the prop/fina combo will be less irritating than prop alone.