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    Okay Check this out!

    I got qtn
    I still am researching for my first cycle, but still have not yet to figure out the proper use for nolva. Obviously I know that it is an anti-E and what it is used for, but why is that some reviews show it taken as a precaution at every intake of as, especially dbol which I plan to use in my stack. Others say have it on hand. I think my biggest worry as a novice user, is to take my long years of training and development of my pecs and turn them into bitch tits. Keeping that in mind I probably will be the one to convince myself Ive got the condition either way. My qtn is to you experienced users what would you recommend, Would it be alright to take it throughout the cycle if I also take Proviron ? If so how much and when? Or would I benifit from only taking if I see signs?

    Thanx Gixxer02


    If your not going to gain, put it down!

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    well some people just wait for signs to appears, but shit that would scare the shit out of me (finding out i had gyno) so i just run it at 10mg/ed throughout the ENTIRE cycle, and if gyno occurs anyways(which it hasnt) then i would bump it up to 60 till symptoms subside.

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