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    critique this cycle

    eq 300 to 400 wk test prop 300 to 400 wk gh 1to 2 ius 5days on 2 days of for3months. what would my results be . I don't want to be huge I want lean and hard built.No insulin used to have hypoglycemia when little
    What can i do to prevent zits test eth gave me them at the end of my last cycle. I heard panothetic acid works . I only weigh around 180 175 i am about 5 '8 5 '9. I want the gh for healing purposes . I am 30

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    Well, sounds like a good cycle to me. Try running diffrent test then prop. I would prefer enanthate .
    1-10 Test enanthate 500 mg/wk
    1-10 eq 400mg/wk
    U can do Gh 3 ius a day 1.5 in the moring and 1.5 in the afternoon. Well bro about zits u can't really do anything about them. TEST IS TEST. u can run accutane but other then that if u r prone to zits then u will get them no matter what.
    just my $0.2

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    good advice pro

    i think prop at end would do you good,i may even run eq 12 weeks as it takes 4-5 weeks to start to work

    looks good, good luck with gh, must admit i'm jealous i'd like to try gh myself some day

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