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Thread: HGH Questions!

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    HGH Questions!

    Hi everybody!

    Needed some advice about HGH, realistically I won't be using it for a while because im only 22, but need some questions answered from experience HGH users. For possible future use.

    1. What age is it ok to use this?
    2. For how long? (ive heard from 2-6months, some even year round)
    3. Stack it with other AAS?? ( most say gh and test is a good combo)
    4. Humatrope or Protropin? (does it really matter)
    5. Sides?? Enlargement of the jaw, elbows, intestines?? Is this overated? Can it be prevented?? Cuz this shit really freaks me out!

    thats about all the questions i have please help me out and answere these and please add on any other comments you think are appropiate thanks!!


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    From what i have read Hgh is for people who have complete numerous AS cycles so i would assume most users are over the age of 22. I have also heard that Hgh increases size of organs and stuff like that. I know this is a dumb question but what does IU stand for (Individual unit)?

    get more opinions on HGH before taking it

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    IU is international unit. I have a humongous GH cycle under my belt and i'm a good bit younger than you... no enlargement shit, except wrist bone got much bigger, thats all i could really notice. 22 is definitly old enough if you can afford,go for it man. i was 128 iu a week btw.

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    hgh cycle!

    hi executioner!

    Holy Shit 128 iu a week!! You sure? you didnt mispell?
    thats more than what coleman takes!!!! (15 iu a day)

    Anyways, what did your HGH cycle look like?? How long?
    What did you stack it with???

    I wouldnt mind enlargement of the wrist bone at all!!! Wrists are thin so thats good! But still freaked out about the enlargement of organs.


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    A 128 IU EW.

    IMO overkill in the highest degree.

    2-6IU ed works very nicely over a 12-18 week period 5 days on 2 off with test and anabolics.

    A good base natural, a good base with AAS, and then you can add GH to the mix if you can afford it.

    Most pro's do not take that amounts you think, and very few use it other than a pre-contest drug.


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