Hey everybody...Im a newbie to this message board, or any for that matter. as of now my stats are 6'2, 210lbs, bf% around 14-17. i just got off my first cycle about a month ago 500mg/wk of sust 250. i didn't get the gains i really was looking for. i didn't get much information off of this website as i should have, wihtout a doubt. most of my informatino came from a trustworthy relative. So, I put on about 10lbs with my first cycle, even though thats still good for me. I was hoping for more. So, critique me now guys. Im looking to do another cycle in due time. So, from what informatino i've gathered on the threads, how does this look?

dbol 30mg/d (wk 1-4)
sust 500mg/wk (w 1-10)
deca 300mg/wk (wk 1-10)

I have gathered much information on novaldex and anti e's, so any critiques would be helpful. as well, i got the sust flu when i did my first cycle, not too fun. any other suggestinos for a test?...thansk a lot guys/girls...