I like many others have muscles that grow with little efort and others that lag behind. My delts, tris, hamstrings, calfs and back are all very well developed. On the other hand my biceps, quads and pecs are below the level of development of the rest of my body. My question is how do others bring up these weaker areas while on a cycle? For example while I can easily squat over 400 lbs for reps my lower quads just don't grow to the point where they will hang over my knees. My chest is wide and over 50", but the inner part is not as thick as the outer. While my arms are currently 17 1/2 cold I'm sure that if my biceps were proportional to my triceps I'd have at leat another inch. What do you all think I can do to bring these parts up? I am currently into week 4 of a 12 week prop/fina/winny cycle.