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    Question How Does This Cycle Sound?

    Hey guys I just need a little input on what some of you experts think of this cycle im gonna go on for a while. I have been "cheating" for a little over a year now off and on. I have taken the quality muscle cycles that dont put any water on and havent been pleased. I am going to start with the good old bulk cycle for the next couple months. Test Enathate 250, Deca 200 and Boldenon 200 to harden it up as much as possible. I am currently about 220 6'0 I want to be at 250 before i stop then i intend to shred up to about 235-240. I want to be 235-240 and no more than 9 % bodyfat. Do you think I am going about this the right way, and if not, what advice do you have except for go natural cause there is no way in hell i could be where im at if i did that. Your input would be much appreciated fellas.

    thanks in advance,


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    week 1 - 10: enth 500 mg/ew
    week 1 - 10: deca : 400 mgs/ew
    dont know about boldenon

    run clen /prop/t3 to cut after with proviron to keep water down. good luck !

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    Well some don't like to run EQ and Deca together and I'd choose one or the other.

    Test- 500mg (250 on Monday/ 250 on Thursday)
    Eq or Deca- 400mg (200 on Monday/ 200 on Thursday)
    Than run a cutting cycle after you've had equal time off of this cycle as the time you were on.

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