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    my dbol only cycle

    hi guys i just want t share with u the results of my dbol only cycle first i did 2 cycles befor (deca /dbol-deca/test/dbol) i just did that cycle to see if some1 can gain lean muscles muscle with dbol and keep those gains my cycle was like this :

    week 1:45mg dbol ed +75mg proviron
    week 2:45mg dbol ed +75mg proviron
    week 3:40mg dbol ed +50mg proviron
    week 4:20mg dbol ed +50mg proviron
    week 5:15mg dbol ed +50mg proviron
    week 6:10mg dbol ed +50mg proviron

    i tapered it coz i dont want to cut the cycle with a high dose and then loose my gains i added the proviron coz i just want to gain lean hard muscles

    th results was :i gained 10lbs of lean hard muscles and got some veins poping from my arms not mush gains in strenght i got gains in my endurance (like i was able to do 2 more extra reps).
    i know 10lbs isnt that mush but its ok for me coz i didnt had any kind of bloat
    now i began my clomid therapy and i added nolvadex and proviron just to keep the estrogen very low and keep hard during the summer

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    well ok. I sincerely hope that you keep all your gains bro. You must really like the dbol but in future I would highly reccomend you use test as a basel; I see you have only ran it once. Good luck with the recovery, keep us updated a few months form now to see how it all worked out in the end peace

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