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    Lightbulb Frontloading cycle?

    Sust250 wk1-3 1cc ed
    deca 600mg ew/start the day after last shot of sust250
    dbol 50mg wk1-4

    I have done past cycles and have a awesome gains but I was doing some research about frontloading. Alot of people swear by it, so I am going to give it a try.
    I am 5'10 and 200lbs.
    What kinda gains does everyone think I will get?
    Are there any opinions about this cycle or anyone done anything like this before?

    smokin in the gym

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    Let me get this straight, you are only running Sus for 3 weeks and you aren't going to run the deca until week 4? That will pretty much defeat the purpose of your frontload.

    Run your deca and test the same length and frontload the first week.

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