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Thread: Beast cycle

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    Beast cycle

    Hey all!
    This is gunna be my frst cycle, please tell me what you guys think, THANKS
    week 1-10 Test enan 500mg weekly
    weeks 1-10 deca , 300 mg weekly
    weeks 2-10 Nolva 20 mg ED
    weeks 11-15 Clomid

    Now about the clomid, I start taking this how long after my last shot of test enan and deca? And do I stack clomid at end of cycle with Proviron ? thanks all

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    i read on another post that you are 17 years old...

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    17? If that is true then you definately need to hold off on the AS. As for the clomid, well, I don't mean to flame you but I noticed that you have been giving a lot of advice to other members and you don't know when to start clomid after a deca cycle???? I think you should research and hold off on giving out advice to others. Good luck though.


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