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    Help with my First Cycle!

    I have never taken steriods before but am planning to. I want to go on a 6 week cycle. I'm 26yrs, 6'3, 165lbs, I would like to gain some weight about 10-15 lbs if not more. This is what have 2ml/200mg/Deca -Durabolin inj, 1ml/50ml Winstrol V inj, and 20mg per day Nolvadex . I'm not having a problem deciding when to take the Nolvadex. My question is how much Deca should I take per week with the Wintrol V? I don't want to blow up I have good defination that I have worked very hard for. Could someone help me please.

    Week 1 Dura___ Wintrol V _____
    Week 2 Dura___ Wintrol V _____
    Week 3 Dura___ Wintrol V _____
    Week 4 Dura___ Wintrol V _____
    Week 5 Dura___ Wintrol V _____
    Week 6 Dura___ Wintrol V _____

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    Well bro here is my honest opinion. I suggest some more reading!

    1)You need a TEST
    2)6 weeks of deca wont produce shit
    3)What is your diet like?
    4)10lbs can be put on without juice.
    5)6'3" @ 165 I'd say hold off on the juice.

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    Have to agree with symatech, 6weeks is a little short 10 weeks would be better.However if that's what your going to do then Deca 400mg/wk and Winny 50mg ed.Whether you blow up or not depends on your diet.

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