I lost my source... I have been ordering off the internet and these prices are outrageous and one of the times I never got my stuff. They dont have vet gear either. My local "guy at the gym" is a crook. for a test/deca /d-bol cycle he wants $900 and never mentioned anything about clomid/hcg ... etc. You can imagine what I have to say about that. What do you guys pay for a bottle of test e, say 200mg/10 ml? tt deca 300 ? what about t-400/10ml ? I am just sick of looking at all of your cycles and results and thinking that these cycles would run me probably close to $1500 -- I dont have that for all of this.

I would like my next cycle to be anadrol /deca/sustanon . (sound good?)
any suggestions on what I should pay for that?

Thanks everyone