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    Blood Tests ( Clinically )

    Hi There ,, ( Sorry About My English )

    Lets Talking About Some Important Blood Tests And How To Avoid The Abnormality Results :

    1- G.g.t - S.g.p.t- And S.g.o.t (one Of The Liver Function Tests), That Indicate The Damage Of Hepatic Liver Cells ( Must Not Be Three Times Higher The Normal Range ),, If You Want To Start Steroids Cycles Must To Check These First And To Include Any Strong Liquid Sweets In Your Diet And Avoid Fat Foods And Very Long Steroids Cycles, ( To Do This Tests You Must Be Fast For 12 Hours ) .

    2- Cholesterol - Triglycerides - L.d.l And H.d.l (one Of The Lipid Profile Tests) , First Check Your Cholesterol And Triglycerides If They Are High Then Check Your (l.d.l And H.d.l ) . ( To Do This Tests You Be Fast For 12-14 Hours ). Avoid Fat Foods And Very Long Steroids Cycles .

    3- Ck-mb And Ldh ( One Of The Cardiac Profile Tests ) .. But Here Don't Worry Most Of The Bodybuilders Have High Results Because Of The Elevation From Muscles Cells . Avoid Very Hard Training With No Proper Rest.

    4- Bun And Creatinine ( On Of The Kidney Function Tests ) For Urea Must Not Be More Than (60 Mg/dl) And For Creatinine Not More Than ( 2,0 Mg/dl ) , Reduce Your Protein Intake And Drink Plenty Of Waters

    5- H.b And Red Blood Cell Count ( One Of The Complete Blood Count ),
    Your H.b Must Not Be More Than ( 20 Gm/dl) And Your Red Blood Cells Must Not Be More Than 7,000 . ( Stop Your Steroids Cycles And Go To The Blood Bank Center To Donate (500 Ml Whole Blood ).

    Bye Bye

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    Good Post Bro!!

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