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    Need advice!!

    I have 12 vials of sus 250, 25ml of 50mg EQ, 10ml/200mg decca, 50 tabs of Anadrol 50, 50 tabs of Halotestin at 5mg, clomid and clenbutrol. Im 190 lbs. What is the best cycle? I was thinking 12 wks....

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    Killer Cycle Dude

    Take the Sus 250 Constant for 12 wks. , Take the Deca at 200mg From wk 1 until finished ... And starting from wk 1 , take the anadrol 50, but only half a tab ... (25mg) until it`s finished ... By the fourth wk. start the EQ at 200mg until it`s finished ... You should finish the EQ by the ninth wk... And take the Halo at wk. four ,by wk. nine you should only have about 8 tabs left ... Just continue taking 5mg tabs until finished... By the sixteenth wk. the tapering should be complete... start your clomid & clenbuterol ... Maybe you could find some Cytadren for the last of you cycle, but that`s a whole new ball game ... If you eat right, sleep & pump the iron... You should be a monster !!! Good Luck !!!

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    Thumbs down

    well that might be a good cycle if you are a female tryn to tone up for
    home coming, youre at 190, thats what 85/86kg, dont expect to get over 97/98 kg.

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