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    Hey, hows every one doin. I've been looking over this page for about a year, and im ready to try traveling to the dark side. I started lifting around 16, but didnt get to intoit till i was about 20. Im 23, 24 in 6 months, 5'8 177 pounds at 10%body fat,and well im stuck.Ive been tryin to bulk for the last 3 months but i just get fat. My goal is to end up 185 at around 7 to 8% body fat, So some nice lean muscle gains sounds good to me

    So how do these sound for my first cycle for the gains im looking for, if they can be improved, or u sugest something else please throw a post up!

    Wk 1 >800ml
    WK 2-15>400ml

    test prop
    wk3-17>100ml EOD

    and Dbol to kick off the first 4 weeks


    Wk1 1>800ml
    Wk 2-15>400ml

    Test prop
    Wk1-6 >100ml EOD
    Wk 13-17> 100ml EOD

    wk5 5-15> 400ml

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    i think you mean mg not ml...

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