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    Wat do u think of dis cycle

    25 mg of dbol 1-4 weeks
    300 mg of deac 1-10 weeks
    250 mg of supertest 250 1-5 weeks
    500 mg of supertest 500mg 6-10 weeks
    or i was thinking of taking anadrol 50 instead of dbol
    and test 400 instead of the supertest
    dis is my second cycle and i weight 190 lbs im 20 years old..I jus wana get huge..plz give all da help can alohaz

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    dont pyramid your doses...try this one...Madmax

    35mg d-bol (1-4)
    500mg test cyp (1-12)
    300mg deca (1-12)
    winny 50mg ed (10-15)

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    Wat 2 Cycle?

    Wats A Good Cycle???????? 2 Begin Wit

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    i agree with need to pyramid, they use to pyramid back in the day too help with post cycle. but no need for that...but if you like...front load.

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