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    My Cutting Cycle

    203 pounds (according to my scale)
    about 15 - 16%bf
    16" biceps
    36" waist.

    Hoping to just get down to aroudn 10 - 11%bf. Also hoping to get motivation from everyone everywhere because its already tough.

    Okay this is day one:
    Woke up at like 1pm because I stayed up late working on homework so it starts late.

    Half Chicken Breast patty at 2pm: 137cals 3fat 0carbs 26protein
    Half Chicken Breast patty at 3:30pm: 137, 3, 0, 26
    6 oz. can of tuna at 5pm: 197, 1, 0, 43

    Weight Training for 1.5 hours at 5:15

    Four egg whites at 7pm: 66, 0, 1, 14
    One 6oz. can of tuna 7pm: 197, 1, 0, 43
    One 6oz. can of tuna at 9pm: 197, 1, 0, 43

    Basketball 4 vs. 4 half court for 2.5 hours at 9pm

    One scoop of protein shake in water at 11:30pm: 110, 1, 3, 20

    About an ounce of beef jerky throughout the day: 80, 1, 7, 11

    Totals: 1121 calories, 11g fat, 11g carbs, 226g protein.

    I'll consider any suggestions.
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    fuck man you wana look etheopian thats to few cals bump them up alot say to 1,900 and heres a example 250grams protien, 50 grams cabs 60grams fat, if your gona go mega low carb you cant go mega low fat you can only do one or the other.

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    i figured that out, its been 3 weeks almost and i'm eating like 1500 calories and high carb very low fat and i've gone down alot in bf%

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