Alright I had to revamp my fina/dbol /test cycle

so Im making a trip to collect the rest of my gear this weekend, but I started today with

Anadrol week 1-1 50mg/day
Anadrol week 2-4 100mg/day

Test E week 1-10 750mg/week

Fina homebrew 1-12 130mg/day

PCT: clomid 300mg day 1 100mg 2-11 50mg 12-21

Creatine, glutamine, etc..


4000cals a day

7meals a day, 571c and 35g protein per meal

1 gallon of water per day

Supps: Milk Thistle 1000mg/day
Cranberry extract 850mg with every meal
Flax seed Oil pills 2 pills = 2g's with every meal

if gyno starts I have nolva, and vitex for the fina.

Training: Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun

Split. Tues: Bi's, Chest
Thurs: Tris, Back
Sat: Shoulders/abs
Sun: Legs/abs

I switched to this method since im on a cycle and recover fast and each exercise will be push/pull instead of push and then pull like bis/back chest/tris

Let me know what you guys think, I think this cycle should go pretty well.