Nothing beats x-mas, like gear in your stocking. So, why not put it to use.
First cycle and nervous as S*@t. Had some problems drawing up the Test from the vail(probally from my hand shaking so much), but eventually got it all. Went in the first time, no problems. Didn't hurt a bit. Just took my D-Bol and trying to calm down. Feels like I got laid for the first time. Well, I let you guys know how the rest goes.

1-4 D-bol 30mg/ed (i think i might bump it up after wk 1)
1-10 Test E 500mg/wk
1-10 Nolva 10mg/ed

pct 2wks after last inject
clomid & nolva

vitamin B5(helps acne)
saw palmetto(helps hair loss)
I have some milk thistle, but wasn't sure when to take?