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    DRUGS recreational & STERIODS


    I had just gotten of that junk...gonna start life afresh, picking new hobby as bodybuilding....but I'm on this maintainance program(by doctor) to take buprenorphine(subutex) daily for 1 more month,
    It's to stop my cravings n withdrawals...

    I cant wait to start my workout cycle, dats why i'm wonderin if Subutex can mix with steriods ...

    Pls try to advise, thanks

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    Dont go from one vice to another Go natural for a year and see what gains and how you feel. This is a fresh start do it correctly

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    bro...u poisen ur body...u think u can justtake juice and get large... need to learn what they do to themsleves...cause'u have no out natural for a while and build a base....then only if your gonna be dedicated..then start..otherwise it is a waste...and obvioulsy if your on meds for withdrawl...pumping juice into you i not gonna help..stay off the junk..take protein...get big naturally....can happen...then juice it upp..

    Read the rules bro, you make another derogatory remark such as the one I edited and your gone-Pheedno

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    Swellin Guest
    You asked this same question in another forum. You should expect to get the same answer here...even in the wrong forum.

    Please stay away from steroids . They can be very addictive, and you don't need to go from your current situation to another similar one.
    More than likely, you are nowhere near ready to take AAS. If you are just now starting your excersie regimen, your body is nowhere near ready for the juice. You need to learn what your body needs...likes....and responds to before doing gear.

    Of course you have heard all of this several times already, but you are still asking for somebody to tell you it's okay, so you can go ahead and do it. I doubt you will listen to the rest of us that are sincerely trying to help you.

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    bump for brolly to view his warning

    Closed, as were the other threads.

    SIK.O- Stay away from juice bro. Get on a program and stick with it for a while. You've got an addictive problem, and are going from one extreme to the other. Go graduall and you'll last much longer

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