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Thread: Help me

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    Ralph Ledford is offline New Member
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    Help me

    I have deac 300{10cc} and i'm going to use winny for my first cycle.
    what kind of winny should I use? and How should the first cycle be put together.
    Over how many weeks? doses? and should I take anything after the cycle is over? 5"10h 160w body fat is 20%. Some one HELP!!!!!

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    You need to do more research.
    Deca should always be run with Test as a base cycle unless you want the dreaded deca dick.
    Fill out your profile or give us your age and training experiences, goals etc and read up on PCT.
    Once you find a cycle that would suit you post it and we can tweak it up for you but you need to do the leg work first.

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    How much time have you been training?

    You should research a lot, and show us a cycle idea of yours, and people will criticize it.

    Nobody will help you here wihout you telling what are you going to do, as it is a very personal stuff. You got to choose what are you going to use, as you see the colateral effects of each drug.

    So, then, we will be happy and able to criticize.

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    Swellin Guest
    Ralph, you already posted this just a couple of days ago. Except then, you admitted that you don't work out.

    The folks that responded were trying to help. Honestly, we are trying to save you some grief. I even posted it on another board, so that you would get more responses...and several of the bro's and a sis came to tell you that you really don't need to do any steroids now. You are not ready, mentally or physically.

    I promise that through diet and training, you will get better results than jumping on gear right now. There are real problems that are associated with steroids, and it is not worth it in your situation.

    For the rest of you, here is Ralph's previous thread.

    I am honestly offering you the best advice I can give here, with your best interest in mind.


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