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    need a review bros

    ok.. this is goin to be my 3rd cycle, which is goin to be a winter bulking one so that i can pack as much mass as i can befor rippn it down for summer
    my stats are: age 23, 5'11'', 208lbs, bis are about 18 or so, the rest is unknown as of now, i have been liftin for several years and my training is as intense as its ever goin to be since i have huge goals in mind for summer. my goal is to pack on about 20 30 lbs on from this, and heres how it goes,
    weeks 1-8
    dbol 40 mg ed
    sus 250 a week
    deca 600 a week

    id like to either add primo to this or use the fina i have now while on this, dont know which path to choose so some help here would be great, i also have clomid nolvadex and lots of clen to help reduce fat for towards the end.
    i would like some advice on whether to take the clen through out to help with fat loss around my ab section or should i just wait till im done and then use them.
    any advice would help fellas
    the transformation begins feb 1st

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    You really should post this in the steroid forum, rather than the members' cycle results forum.

    I have no doubt that you will make gains on this cycle, but it sure looks to be very lacking. Have you done any research on this site about the compounds you mentioned?

    Your levels will be really screwy with only 250 of sust per week.
    More Deca than test is asking for a limp noodle.
    Dbol is normally run for no more than 5 weeks.

    Why not kickstart with dbol for 5 weeks, while running test e and deca?
    It would look something like this......

    wks 1-5 Dbol 40mg ED
    wks 1-12 test e 250mg E3D
    wks 1-11 deca 200mg E3D

    With the standard clomid and nolva therapy.
    You could run the fina for 6-8 weeks (at the beginning or is a personal preference, but I think the end would work well here).

    I ran clen for two weeks in the middle of my cycle, and I quit gaining weight. The week after stopping it, I gained 4 lbs.....since you want to bulk...wait until after the cycle.

    You really should take this question to the steroid will get a lot more responses there.

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    wrong forum

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    thanks for the advice fellas.. ill post it over there..

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