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    16 weeks out to wedding

    Ok guys, I'm 16 weeks out. Talk about training for a show. This will be the biggest of my life. Here's my plan:
    1-4 finishing up some IGF- 2 more weeks left.
    dropping cals from 3200-3500 to 2000- 2400
    Protien I hope to keep above 200grms ed
    I'm 6'0
    206 today, and about 15%-17%bf. I have some work to do.
    My goal is to take off a ton of bf. get down to the low 190's, and be around 8-10%bf.
    I was planning on cyp/eq/winny in about 4-6 weeks
    800mg cyp ew 1-12
    600mg eq ew 1-12
    50mg winny ed 8-12
    .25 idex ed
    Clen / ECA 6-12
    IGF 6-10 30mcg 2x ed
    I have cut my cals to 2000-2200 ed.
    I'm following Rambo's basic principals under the Unofficial "how to cut thread"
    Lean meat
    post workout carbs
    Omega 3's
    6-8 meals ed

    So can I do it?
    I hope so

    I'll be hitting cardio hard about 8 weeks out from the wedding. Ussually 2x ed.
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    Here's what I had today
    1.Shake before workout- 200 cals 20grms-pro/20- carbs

    2.PWS- Metrex + Flax 36grms pro 260 cals
    1 cup egg whites 120 cals/ 24 pro
    1/2 cup oatmeal- 155 cals/ 6.5 pro

    3. Chicken breast/ Veggies 230/30

    4. Chicken breast/ Veggies/ Black beans: 330/30

    5. Tuna/ Carrots 230/ 32

    6. Small bowl of rasin brand/ Fat free milk: 300 cals

    7.Chicken Vegggies 400/ 50

    8. Protein shake 230/ 40

    How does that look
    230-240 grams of pro
    and 2200-2500 cals

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    good luck bro, can't wait to see in a couple weeks

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    i love how you are making a wedding like a comp. thats classic, good luck to you keep posting pics throughout.

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