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    3 weeks done and got 20lbs on my first cycle !

    I've just finnished my 3rd weeks and got great gains.. 20lbs

    Here is my cycle:

    W 1-12 __ 600mg/week test cyp
    W 1-4 __40mg/ed d-bols

    I don't know if the gains comes for the test of the d-bols.. but thy are great..

    Here is some stats

    just under 10% bf

    I went for 18inch arms to 19inch in these 3 weeks..
    My strenght aren't that high as the mass gains.. but i don't mind cuz I'm going for mass...

    My diet contains 200g of proteins and 300grams for carb.. about 3500kals.. and my fat, i don't know.. haven't count on it.. and i wont..

    I know some of you would say my diet is a little bit to small for my size, but i don't think so.. It works for me very good.. and I'll change it some day when my gains stops totally..
    I don't belive in eating untill you stomach burst.. eat normal and add some shakes in you diet and you'll be fine.. works for me !


    I'll keep you uppdated bro's!

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    **** good job!!

    WHat does your arm routine look like bro??

    I struggle with arm growth!


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    when on roid your muscles can obsorb more why not take more if not just while on your cycle...anyway..good some pics

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