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    Myran's Estandron-cycle

    Hi there
    Mayby somone is interested to know about my Estandron-cycle. Probably it is mostly the women here that could be curious but maybe some guys too...

    The cycle looks like this:

    v. 1 - 8: 105 mg Estandron/week (one inject/week)

    v. 8 - 9 Oral Winstrol 50 mg/day

    I train with weights 4-6 times a week and try to walk 45 min - 1 h two times a week (at least when all snow and ice is gone).

    I will eat around 3000 kcal/day. 45 E% carbs, 28 E% protein, 27 E% fat.

    I have been training for four years seriously but trained different things before that too. I hope to be able to compete sometime in the future if I ever will be brave enough.

    Week 3:
    Have gained 11 pounds and increased a lot in strenght. Have almost doubbled the weigth in sqats and notice big differenses in back and shoulder exercises as well. I thought that I would hold more water in my body because of the estadriol in Estandron but it is not a big problem. Have actually gotten more definition on the back and shoulders.
    Have not notised any big side effects yet. Mayby my voice is a little different but I think that I'm just paranoid because no one else has notised it, not even when I have asked. Have had problems with acne earlier and was afraid of that now but so far nothing.

    Week 8:
    Have started the Winstrol now and I have gained 17 pounds totally! I have also gained a lot of strenght. I take twice the weight I used to take in squats, take an extra 30-35 pounds when I train my back and so on..
    I have kept the same fat% during the entire cycle, around 22 %. Too much according to me, but as a girl I guess I should try to stay around 20. I have noticed that my body responds to heavy training best than.
    I have still not noticed any side effects that is worth to mention. Some acne for a few days a week ago but I am not sure that it had to do with the cycle since it dissapered just as quickly. I find it a little strange that there has not been any side effects but perhaps the Estandron acctually is as good as people say.

    Now I can just wait and see how mych of the gains that I succed to keep. Will take some clen when I stop the Winstrol and in a few month the diet starts so that I can realy see how it looks under all the fat :-)

    I can defenetly recommend you girls here to try Estandron, if you consider trying anything at all. This is the best cycle I have done so far and I have tried some other things before.

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    Looks good, keep us informed.


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    Some updates now that the cycle is almost done...

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