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Thread: Help needed

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    Help needed

    I am looking for some advice from you pros out there on what my next cycle should be.

    I did a cycle of sustanon 250 and T2 about 8 months ago and saw good results. I went from 177lbs to 192lbs (height 5'10) and my bench went from 270 to 315.
    But when I got off, I didn't keep the gains as much as I thought I would.

    I am ready to do another cycle but I want to get the most out of it. I would rather do injections than shots (unless someone has a better suggestion).
    I am looking to possibly use the sustanon again or Deca or HGH, but like I said I am a rookie and am not exactly sure what is best.
    If someone can give me a good cycle to help me gain (and keep) about 20lbs with minimal side effects I would really appreciate it.

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    What's the difference between injections and shots?

    I see your new to the board....go to the educational threads and read them.You'll get alot of your questions answered there.

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