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    First Cycle..Test Prop only. Journal

    Hey Ar
    okay i've started my first cycle. Today was my second day of 150mg EOD SSE test prop.

    Well i was planing on going for the right glute today, however, it was still quite sore from the last Prop injection i did, so i decided to go 100mg into the left glute and 50 into the left quad. Im hoping by breaking up the injections like that, pain will not be so great. It's definatly not extreme, but i want to still be able to do my agilities.

    Anyways my stats are
    Bf 15%
    Max bench 405 (mostly stick to reps of 225 tho and i'm at 14)
    Squat 500lb
    deads 375

    anyways i'm undecided how long i will run the cycle for, between 8-12 weeks, basically if i am one of those people who ends up "blowing up" i'm going to try to end the cycle after i've gained 15lbs lbm, or if i gain that and have time, i'll use the last few weeks to cut as i need to retain my speed for sport, and of course i have Clomid/nolva for PCT

    anyways i'll be back in a week or so with updates.
    once again thanx for the all the great info AR

    also i have not really felt a kick yet (but this is only the start of day 3), however I have had some odd Vivid dreams. Nothing to wierd, but definatly out of the norm.

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    I'm doing .75 mg of prop ED. I'm on day 12 now and it has started to kick in for me. I'm throwing winny on at week 5. I'd like to hear about ur progress and c how it compares to my own. Good luck

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    Good Luck bro..............happy growing.

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    Tell us about your progress and post some b4 and after pics.Good luck.

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    Hey all. Well today was day 7. I really havn't noticed much. (besides a huge amount of pain from the shots). Until today when i stepped on the scale at the gym. I was shocked, in fact i had to ask some friends to stand on it to see if it was weighing heavy. Anyways It wasn't and it weighed me in at 213. so thats around 10lbs in the first week. I suppose it must be water, although I havn't noticed any bloat from the prop. Other then that no real news to report, i'll be back in a couple day's tho

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