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    2/3 way through cycle

    When I started my first cycle 8 weeks ago I had questions about what to do to make it work well, etc. I took everyone's advice and upped my dosages and ate a lot. I thought I'd share what I did and what my results have been.

    week 1: 200mg test/200mg deca
    week 2 thru 6: 300mg test/300mg deca
    week 7 and 8: 450mg test/450mg deca
    Future: I am tapering down now. 300/each next 2 weeks, then 200/each for 2 weeks, then 100/each for two weeks. Will start HCG when I go to 100mg/each and Clomid shortly after that in the attempt to keep as much as possible of my gains.

    Starting stats:
    5'8", 173.5, 29 y.o.

    196.5, body fat up 1%. I figure it's about 18 pounds of muscle, 5 or so of fat.

    About 3500 calories for first 6 weeks. Had to bump it up to 4000-4500 now that I grew. Most likely about 250g protein per day.

    I have definitely enjoyed this experience. It's the biggest and strongest I've ever been. I'm throwing around 110 pound dumbells on chest press. Going to 120s this week. Getting bumped up to the next division in my softball league because I'm kicking ass too much

    Side effects:
    Got some skin irritation/rash at about week 5 or 6 on the front of my traps. Doc gave me something for it. My blood pressure started at 120/80 and is up to 140/100 which I don't like.

    Future plans:
    I'd like to do a few cycles in the next year or two and get both bigger and leaner and then try to go natural and maintain as much as I can. While I like the fast gains from steroids , I worry about long term effects and would like to use them only in the short term. Has anyone done several cycles, gotten big and been able to maintain it into the future?

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    Nice work.

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