Fixing to hit my 1 pin of my 5th week. I must say the results are really going strong so far. I went up to 275 on incline today and pressed it 5 times on my last set. Everything is looking good. My waist has shrunk, my legs are really showing great size,my chest and shoulders, and arms are the best quality by far. My body fat is melting off like crazy thanks to the clen and T-3.
I was kind of worried at first thinking i had waisted my money, but it seems that all the dieting,and the cycle has all come together ay once. It seems like it just showed up one day when i awoke.

Im holding steady at 238. im 5 10 26 years old. bf is at 17% from 20

Thanks goes to every single person who has ever botherd to take time and post be a comment. I wish i could name them!