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    1st cycle questions

    Whats up everyone?
    I'm 22, 5 '8, 165 and am new to this site. I have been working out consistently for about 3-4 years. My max bench press is 225. I have never taken any steroids , but want to take some now. My buddy and I are thinking about getting winstrol injections, but I have a few questions mabye you guys can help me answer. My first questions is: if I take winstrol alone, how much weight will I gain and how much will my bench go up? Also I don't want to blow up, where my friends and family will all notice right away. My second questions is: I hear that it is best to combine winnie with something else. If my buddy and I split a thing of Deca , and each do winstrol, will the gains be a lot more? how much more? is it pointless to split it?

    If you guys can help me out I would really appreciate it.
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    Originally posted by tx_iron

    LOL... We shouldnt call GOD at this point. Maybe we should handle it instead? We should have a cut n paste section for these questions(TO SAVE US ALL TIME)

    First I'd like to welcome you to the board and from your post your in the right place.

    Its sounds like you need to do some research from drug profiles and forums. Nobody can tell you gains w/weight,strength, mass or how much BF you'll gain or lose,. Your trainning time ( if its real) is good but your age is pretty close to boarderline. You shouldnt just pick a AS (anabolic Steriods )out of the air and say "yea thats it, I'll take winny and a thing of deca ." You want to measure your dose with mg"s
    What are your goals? what do you want get out of AS? Do you want to cut or bulk?... one or the other. What is your diet like or eating habits? What do you think AS will do for you? Did you try to achieve this goal before choosing AS? Tell us and we'll do our best to give you right advice.
    Remember to NOT ask for sources (where to get AS) we forbid source posting and we dont like anyone to degrate (flaming)other members and guests. .
    Once again welcome to the board , your gonna more info then you expected.

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