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    need your help ergent

    hi guys going on my second cycle soon just need your input pls guys.
    week1-5 anabols 5mg per tab 7tabs a ed
    week1-10 deca 400mg aw
    week1-10 sussaton 500mg aw
    week10-11 clomid 50mg a tab ed
    week11-14 noveldex 40mg a tab
    week14-17 hcg will take 1 shot a week of 1500iu for three week
    week1-10 hcg onr shot 1 week at 500iu
    pl let me now wat you think with my pct really need help with my post cycle

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    1. Run your sust E3D and extend it 2 wks past the deca for recovery reasons
    2. Run an AI(l-dex) and a SERM(Nolva) throughout the cycle. I would suggest .25mg L-dex + 10mg Nolva
    3. Do not run HCG for PCT, it inhibits recovery, run it up untill PCT. I'd suggest 1000iu's for 5 days the wk before PCT
    4. Use a Clomid/Nolva/L-dex PCT starting in wk 15-19

    week1-5 anabols 5mg per tab 7tabs a ed
    week1-10 deca 200mg E3D
    week1-12 sust 250mg E3D
    hcg 1000ius for 5 days in 14
    3wks after last Sust shot- 100mg Clomid + 20mg Nolva + .25mg L-dex + 300mg B6 for 30 days

    .25mg L-dex + 10mg Nolva + 200mg B6 for prolactin

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    pheedno set it up perfect... run it EXACTLY like he said

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