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    test e test prop deca dbol 1st cycle with routine - please critique

    hey this will be my fourth cycle, but my first major cycle where i stack the anabolics. first i did a measly 5ml of test400 in 6 weeks time (and gained a solid 15 pounds somehow...). i lost all bout 4-5 pounds of that leading me to believe it was all water. then i did 100 dbol thoughtout a corse of maybe a month and a half. i gained 10 pounds from that but it was solid. after that i had a couple recreational drug overdoses, and rehabs, causing me to have aa poor diet and low training. i lost weight be i was back to 160 after 7 weeks of 250ml test/week. i currently weigh 160 benching 285, and im aiming for 190, benching 335 this next cycle. anyways here it is let me know what you think.

    Week 1 - Test E 250, test prop 100 (5x), deca 200
    Week 2 - Test E 250, test prop 100 (5x), deca 200
    Week 3 - Test E 250, deca 200, dbol 40mg ed
    Week 4 - Test E 250, deca 300, dbol 40mg ed
    Week 5 - Test E 250, deca 300, dbol 40mg ed
    Week 6 - Test E 250, deca 300, dbol 40mg ed
    Week 7 - test E 250, deca 300
    Week 8 -Test E 500, deca 300
    Week 9 - test e 500. deca 300
    Week 10- test e 250 deca 300
    Week 11- test e 250 deca 300
    Week 12- test e 250

    the prop will be taken to give me an inicial boost. i plan on taking it on the days i work out (5 days a week cause i like the 5 day split). im running the test E throughout because i feel its the most stable type of test. the deca im working my way up because i dont want deca dick, and if 200mg is sufficent, then ill keep it at 200mg. the dbol are coming in the 3rd week because the date i planned to start my cycle hapens to have conflicting times with spring break. any feedback would be greatly apreciated. rember im looking to bulk, gain about 25-30 pounds body weight, and 50-60 pounds benching weight. i know my deadlift and my squat will go up effortlessly.

    Day 1:Chest
    bench 10-8-6-6
    incline dumbell 12-8-6-6
    cables 12x4

    Day 2: back
    Deadlift 12-8-6-4
    tbone - 12-8-6-6
    lat pulldwon wide 12-8-6-6
    lat pulldwon close 12-8-6-6

    Day 3: sholders
    dumbel militery press 10-8-6-5
    lateral raises - 12-8-8-8
    vertical raises - 12-8-8-8
    Shrugs 12x4

    Day 4: rest

    Day 5: arms
    Curls 12-8-6-6
    hammer curls -10-8-6-5
    tricept extentions 12-8-6-5
    skull krushers
    pushdown extentions 12-8-8-8
    21's x3

    day 6:legs
    squat 10-8-6-4
    leg press 12-8-6-6
    leg extentions -12-8-6-6
    leg curls 12-8-6-6
    calvs 12x4

    day 7: rest

    im trying to pack on as much mass as posible, so PLEASE critisize me.

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    Personally, i'd up your test doses to 400, either use prop for 4 weeks or use the dbol (that's alot by the way IMHO)during weeks 1-6. I'm partial to DBOL myself, but too each his own. I don't think you'll be able tell about the deca in one week, **** it, go for the 300. It's not like the deca dick will last forever. You don't need to give those whores your testosterone anyway(not talking about your girl if you have one). If you do have a girl, can you tell her why you can't perform if it happens? Think about that. What's your PCT? It's critical. Do nolva all way through, and your clomid 3 weeks after your last shot. Do a search on those, I've seen diff. dosese suggested. Other than that, I like your workout and you'll see good gains either way. Yours is basically my cycle except I'm throwing 400mg EQ for 11 weeks. Good luck and keep us posted. BUT MOST IMP., EAT AND DRINK WATER!

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    dont pyramid the doses! what about pct and anti e?

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