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    Can someone evaluate this cycle for me

    I been reading on this forum for awhile now and thought I would put up a post since I registered. I am thinking of the following: Deca 200-300mg/wk, Primo Depot 100mg/wk, and Sust 250mg/wk, and toss in some Clenbuterol as well. I have used Deca before and had some small but great results. I am currently at 6'3" tall, 220lbs, and work out on a strict basis. Can someof you guys with alot more experience than me tell me if this is a good stack or should I add more or less of something. i have enough gear for 10-12 weeks. Any advise is appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteykauai
    1-12 500mgs of test enanthate shot twice a week at 250mgs
    1-13 10mg of nolva ED
    14-17 20mgs of nolva ED
    PCT 14-17
    Try the one whitey suggested...good cycle and nice mass size.

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