Hey dudes. I'm 5 weeks into my first stack. My cycle is this:

DBOL 30mg ed (wk 1-6)
Deca 300mg ew (wk 1-10)
Test cyp 450mg ew (wk 1-12)
10 iu slin pre workout (wk 1-8)
10 iu slin post workout (wk 1-8)

The first week of this cycle was AMAZING. I went from 179lbs to 194 which is from the Dbol I'm sure. My workouts have been fierce - great pumps. Eating lots of protein and carbs.

No signs of gyno - bloating, bitch tits,etc

*My question is this - I have been at the same weight after 1 week. Haven't gained an ounce. Am I expecting too much too soon or after 5 weeks shouldn't I see at least a 1 lb a week gain? I'm sure when I go off of Dbol that I will lose a lot anyway. *Should I up the dosages of anything? More Test? More Deca??

any input would be cool.

thanks dudes