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Thread: need help fast

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    bojan jebac is offline Junior Member
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    need help fast

    hi, i'm new........i'm not sure where to post this message

    18 years old
    5 11"
    47" around stomak
    17" biceps

    i would like to loose about 60lb and to be cut........also to have 18" biceps
    and 35" stomak

    i just started cardio 60min 6/times a week
    and lifting light weights

    i was thinking about using supliments.........what should i use in order achive my plan

    thanks to all

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    Thanks for being honest about your age but you're totally too young to even think about using gear. Do a web search for serotonin and "anabolic steroids " and you'll see a bunch of links on the latest research showing that gear use in adolescents lowers serotonin levels, possibly PERMANENTLY since the brain is still developing.

    You're doing the right thing with cardio and lifting but you need to get your diet right as well. Please do yourself a favor and stick with that for several years, build a good base, then look at using gear.

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    bojan jebac is offline Junior Member
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    Mar 2004
    i'm using protein shake after my work out
    22g protein
    1g fat
    2.5g carbs

    and this during the day
    1 tuna
    25g protein

    Chicken breast

    i try to eat 1 tuna, 100-150g of Chicken breast and one shake a day plus some cook food like beans, red meat, white eggs and stuff like that

    i will try to poste pic tomorow ( just have took picture today and its still at wallmart, have to go and pick them up tomorow)

    thanks for help

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    Your answers are in the diet and workout forum.

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