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    make your own test

    Recently one of my friends has been getting a lot of gear from a dude that he says is an amature body builder. Last night he brought home a bottle of test that was bigger than anything i have ever seen i swear it looked like about 7 cycles in one bottle, then he proceded to heat it up with a hot plate and boiling water to get rid of what he called crystals in the solution. Now i've been around roids for a few years now and have never heard of anything like this and to me the test looked a little diluted. Is this for real or is my friend being taken for a chump. thanks for your much needed help

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    Post this in the streroid question forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Boy
    Post this in the streroid question forum.
    cop out. lol yeah bro this post belongs over yonder,but uh huh it is being done ....must I sing the fina song?

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    Everything from Generic Supplements must be heated with water to get the chrystals out . Its not fake gear .

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