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    just getting back into weightlifting, please help!!!!

    I bought my first cycle at the age of 17, 20 sust, went from 162-184, at 18 i did a cycle with deca sust and d-bol, at 19 the last cycle i ever did was Anadrol -50 deca and sust, i then weighed 204 pounds witch had been my goal, i then began to get lazy, i quit working out for almost a year, im now a wimpy 170 pounds and have lots of loose skin, pretty gross, lost all my strength. it'f been a year now since ive worked out or done a cycle and im pumped to get back in the gym, any advice as how to get back into this to gain all my mass back, do a steroid cycle right away? im stumped on this, don't know what to do. please help.

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    you need to go back naturally for atleast 2-3 months before jumping on a cycle

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    Yeah i kinda figured i'd have to go hit the gym naturally for awhile, i should be able to gain most of that wait back, maybe i'll go natural for a month 1/2 and then add glutamine, waight gainer, creatine, zinc, and some vitamins along with a high protein diet, for the other month 1/2. what do you think of this routine?

    Week 1 (monday)
    bar press 3 0f 6-8
    squats 3 of 8-10
    lat pull downs 3 of 6-8
    flat bench press 4 of 6-8
    barbell curl 4 of 6-8
    prone tricepts 4 of 6-8
    standing calf raise 3 of 12

    d/bell press 3 of 8-10
    bent barbell row 3 of 8-10
    leg curl 3 of 10-12
    incline bench press 4 of 6-8
    barbell preacher curl 4 of 8-10
    close grip bench press

    same as monday

    week 2 (monday)
    d/bell lateral raise 3 of 12-15
    vertical rows 2 of 12
    thigh extensions 4 of 12-15
    leg curls 3 of 12015
    Inclined d/bell press 4 of 12-15
    lat pull downs to back 4 of 10-12
    seated d/bell curls 4 of 10-12
    d/bell french press

    seated d/bel press 4 of 10-12
    pump squats 3 of max reps (pump)
    flat flies 4 of 12-15
    low pulley rows 4 of 12
    d/bell preacher curl (single arm) 3 of 10 -12
    flat prone tricepts 4 of 12
    standing calf raise 3 of 12-15

    same as monday

    for 3 months,
    and every other day i hit the punching bag for awhile, any tips to make this better would be very much appreciated

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    I think you have the wrong forum here, actually.

    Additionally, I'd train for 2-3 YEARS before touching gear.

    Make sure you're in it for the right reasons, not just to "take sh*t" and try to get big. There is far more to it than that. You also cannot "quit" working out and expect to keep anything, natural or otherwise.

    Get a solid foundation FIRST, then add to that later.


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    1,713 should be in this lifestyle for the longrun...or else I would never do AAS...

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    Its a life long comitment

    IMO i wouldnt wait a Month and a Half to start the glutamin and protein and weight gainers, start it all right away, People Generaly see their best results in the first 2-3 months of working out, take advanatge of that. and stay off the gear all togeather untill you have a sufficient foundation built, and once you have done that then maybe think about AAS.

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