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    straight from IsraeHELL 2

    Hi I have been here for 2 months now, this web site is great, I wanna say thanks to all the peaple who shared and past information.
    In this time (2 months) I gaind 10 Lbs ! for me it's great since I have been on 155 lbs for a year, now I am 165 and still going.
    I just now bought 4 kilo of whey protien, 2 kilo maltodextrin, half kilo of glutamine, and alot of creatine.
    I hot to gain 10 lbs and then start a cycle of sustanon , dianabol , winstrol . (but only in 3 months at least)
    my workout is 2 time a week per mussle.
    cardio once a week.
    any advice guys?
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    Any wheel shots? I'd say ease off to once a week per muscle group, give your muscles time to rest and repair. That is the time which they grow. From whats shown in the pic, looks like you have a great frame to work with, keep it up bro!

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    you look good, but why do you want to jump into steroids so quickly? if i were you i would work at putting on a lot more solid mass before even considering a cycle

    alot of the weight gain from creatine, etc. will be water weight. you need to give your body time to build itself up, not just bloat up and hit a cycle. the more you workout before hitting a cycle, the better results you will get, and the more you will keep

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