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Thread: Cutiing-week 3

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    Cutiing-week 3

    I dont see much improvement in my 3rd week. Maybe im being too cirtical of myself, dunno. I do lift hard and cardio, and my diet is also stable, as before. My weights go up every week, I never decrease and lifts seem to be getting better and better. Increasing weights by 5% evey week, starting at 70%, now I am at 80. Had to post these pics a day early (would have posted it tomorrow) but I wont have acces to a digital camera for a little while. I will bulk in a few weeks, probably around 5 becasuse ill be gettin out of school so i can begin a clean bulk.

    Still need tons of work, thanks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Dont have pictures of me before cutting ( see week2 cutting thread for last weeks pics) Cutting-week 2 pics but I weighed in at about 203 when i first started. Now after my 3rd week of cutting I am about 192. I believe that a lot of the initial weight was all water because now the loss is gradually getting slower.
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    keep it up bro these things take time

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