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    Arrow Need help with cycling off

    Hey guys, i just got doin my first cycle of tren and test. I was on for a lil over 10 weeks and i made quite a bit of gains concidering that i was only 150lbs before i started and ended up being 175 (pretty big gains for body stature). But my problem is now that i'm cycling off with Clomid i am breakin out on my shoulders like crazy and i feel like i am losing strength. I dropped like 8lbs already in a week and a half after gettin done. I am still liftin hard and eatin right. What should i do? How long is it recommended to wait before gettin into another cycle?
    I would appreciate any help...kinda a hard time coming down when you have expericed the great gains with gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gspot10
    How long is it recommended to wait before gettin into another cycle?

    I recommend you wait until you have at least somewhat of a base. You were too underdeveloped to do your was a mistake IMHO. Learn to train and eat correctly, then do another cycle.

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