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    Hard gainer's first post

    i've enjoyed reading other's before/after discussions so thought i'd jump in and contribute. you guys seem to be pretty helpful so here goes...

    Goal-Mass...gain 20 pounds.

    i'm 32, 6'3", approx. 180#. i've been training 3-4x/wk for about 4 years. Before that I ran alot and couldn't be seen when I was standing sideways. When I started working out, I focused primarily on general fitness and gaining a bit of muscle strength and SOME (not a lot) of size. My initial routine is mostly unchanged to this day. Mainly body part work (chest/tricep day, leg day, bicep/shoulder/back day).

    So I know enough to say that i'm probably "in a rut" routine-wise. i don't even have to think too much about the routine -- my body just motors over to the next exercise automatically. yes, i've read all of the business about changing up your routine and always had intentions to do so but never got off my butt and did it. that brings us to now where my goals have changed -- i'd like to shift my focus over to gaining additional muscle size... going to the gym more often probably isn't the answer so I plan to do things differently while i'm there. hopefully this forum will help me determine what. i like the ring of 200# as a goal.

    i'll post my current routine in a future post so you guys can tear it up....seriously, i'm looking for as much constructive criticism as is out there..


    first pic is 2002 (B&W)
    second pic is 2005 (color)
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    the road to greatness

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    I agree with the helpfulness - harsh sometimes but always helpful

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    Squat, Deadlift, Clean and presses... I would go heavy with a 6-8 rep range. Get some pics of the legs.

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    You need to get out of "worthless mode" and start doing what needs to be done to reach your goals. Get your diet in check first. You probably don't eat enough calories to grow. Second, work on your training routine. By doing so, don't leave out your major muscle groups, legs, back, chest, shoulders. You are in good shape for your age. But do reach the goals you mentioned, you will need to step it up.

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