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    Rookie on 1st cycle

    Well, needless to say, this is my first post and my 1st cycle.

    I'll am currently eating well, having a protein shake everyday, takling cell-tech after my workouts, and 1cc of test a week. I just started my test cycle, and I know it's low, but figure I would see at least 10lb gain in 8 weeks. After the 8 week cycle I was thinking about test/eq...what are your thoughts?

    This is my before picture:
    6' (172lbs)
    I'll post a after picture in Feburary.
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    You can grow more naturally, put the juice down.

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    bad decision, u could have grown more natty, and it doesnt sound like u know much about diet or aas. what r ur stats?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorenzo

    taking cell-tech after my workouts, .
    Stick to it bro, very powerful stuff! j/k

    Seriously, I think you should go naturally for some more time. Your base isn't shitty but you haven't reached a satisfying enough base to begin cycling. That's MHO...

    Good luck man

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    Can't tell much from that pic

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    Dude, it took me 49 years to get my base. JFWY, actually couldn't seen to go over 210 so I decided to do a basic cycle.

    Please try to bulk up naturally without the short cuts a lot of young guys take. You could eat right and bulk up probably 20-30 lbs easily in no time. Low volume workouts, high protein, plenty of rest.

    However, since you have started...... Do it right. 1.5-2g protien per body lb. and don't just lift weights. Go in the gym and rip those mofo's a new arse!

    At least your not going to extremes on your super supplements like some do.

    Good luck!

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