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    new to forum

    Hi I'm new to the forum and to the world of AS. I never thought I would use them, thinking that a great body can be created naturally. Don't get me wrong I know great things, incredible things can be achieved naturally. I've been training on and off since high school (I'm 24 now), seriously for about the last year. I have been researching AS for the last couple of months, toying around with idea of using them. Probably not for about another year or so though, as I can still make a lot of natural gain. Right now I'm just researching. In doing good research, I realize that you can learn a lot from books and articles, but there is no substitute for input from actual users. Being that I live in rural Oklahoma, there are not many juicers around. That I know of anyway, so I though I would see what info you guys could offer.
    What I am mainly interested in is getting started. What is good for starters? More precisely what is good starter stack? Also what kind of side effects can I expect. I'm concerned about gyno and hairloss mainly. Gyno, because I naturally tend to have a little extra fat around my nipples. Nothing serious, but since I tend to store fat there I can see it being a potential problem. Hairloss, because I don't want to bald at age 25. I have full head of hair right now, and want to keep it that way. I know steriods don't cause baldness, unless you are genetically predestined to baldness. In other words you would have lost it anyway steriods just made it happen a lot faster. Anyway sorry to ramble. Any advice I can gain would be greatly appreciated. I'm not trying to just come in and get free info, and not do my homework. I see this as a research resource. I'm still unsure about using AS, I mean I've done pretty good naturally. I have 17 and 1/4 inch arms now and I'm not fat. So please give me some good info.


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    Welcome to AR...
    My eyes are a little blurry from all the questions so check out the search button treat it with care, cause we all use it

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    alevok Guest
    welcome home

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    Welcome to the board bro.
    Post some stats: Age, weight, height, diet, rest, training, and goals?
    We'd love to give ya a hand, send somemore info our way so we can help you line out something.

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    welcome bro

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