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    How do i do this damn pics?

    Quick question. . I just got my digi cam yesterday. Now i want to send pics, but everything i send pics that are a little big it says file to big... how do i change that? also i see people posting huge fucken pics that take up the whole screen, how tf do i do that? it keeps saying it's to large and i gotta make them smaller and smaller to cut the bites... what do i do?

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    when you save it to your hard drive, what are they saving as ?? you'll want to save them as jpeg (jpg) or gif files, which are much smaller than bmp files. you can convert with any photo program just click Save As adn then when it wants you to type in the name, type the name, below the name there will be a drop down menu with plenty of options to save it as. let me know if this helps or not....and also what photo program you are using......

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    get this..

    go get this program...


    with it you can resize pics.... and much more.

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