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    Question Does it look like I even have the build for growth?

    Here is a somewhat old picture of me. I just turned 20, I have a VERY hard time gaining muscle or even fat. I'm 6'1" 170lb now. Does it look like I have a build woth pursuing? I've been working out for years, and have gained very little. Also, I've tried 100mg per ml of fina, and 500mg sustanon 250, and I did gain weight, but got Extreme depression/anger side effects Any suggestions on some good builders, but with hardly any side effects?

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    You need toe EAT and do some heavy ass compound exercises
    and stop doin the roids
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    When i started i was 143lbs and the heaviest i have ever been was 213lbs w/ about 12% BF. I do not have the best genetics not even close, but i work with what i got. First of all you might be over-training, two, you might be under-eating, your workout program is probably not right for you, and there is a lot of varibles that you should be fixing before jumping the gun and starting juice. I think there is room for growth on your frame and if every thing is in place and all the pieces of puzzel are there you will get results, in my first year i went from 143 to 175 lbs, with no drugs and not optimum eating habbits...good luck Bro, and stay focused...XXL

    All of the Statements made by Mr. Mike_XXL are purely fictional and have absolutely no merit and are not meant to cure, prevent or diagnose any disease, please consult your Physician before starting any exercise and supplement regiment.

    Canadian proud, Northern muscle baby!

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    do a search of the threads, there's plenty of discussion about how a lot of us used to be real skinny. i agree with fliprock and mike_xxl; start eating big, and working heavy compound exercises for a couple of years before even thinking about doing a cycle. there are very few people who don't grow when sticking to the big exercises (squat, dl, etc.) and eating a lot of good food. do another search to find some info on how to pack in the calories. good luck with the mass building.


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    Imo, anyone can get up there with the proper dedication, planning and diet. I think you still have alot of natural growing to do. Good luck!

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    except for eating more, i think you can grow as big as you want.
    you look like you have a good base, just work on your mass diet

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    Any one can grow if you eat, train and rest properly! How big you will get all depends on what god gave you and how much time and effort you are willing to put forth.

    Good luck

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    anyone can grow, it just takes time and effort ... eat more, go heavier, and lay off the juice until you have a decent foundation to build on

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    Eat, and eat some more. Also, remember that with your body type you don't want to work out as much as the other guys, nor do you want to work out in high volume workouts.

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    I think the first thing in your mind now is to get results fast. But honestly like the guys said here, using gear is not the best way to start.

    Going natural lets you find out more about your body and trust me, diet, enough rest and training is a package on the whole and it depends on a person's way of living.

    It is all in your mind and in your lifestyle. I have been dieting for 5 months and I found out that I prefer to be on diet because the food I eat is clean and gives me more power. But I have a full time job and I cannot be seen with a low-carb expression thus I have to take breaks and have some sweet stuff to boost my morale and my energy.

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    You've got a base, you've just got to


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    Dump the juice. Keep up your training intensity. How much are you eating? Obviously not enough.

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    alevok Guest
    I was skinny too(6"3' 180lb) the most was 265lb last year, but I worked out 7 years in a row, ate plenty, worked out very hard, now I am 215lb with 8-9%bf.
    I believe this is more valuable progress compared to someone with a better genetics.

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    I won't tell you not to use gear cause i've done it twice. It is not a magical injection (you have to work out hard at the gym) and it's pretty painfull at times. It has major side effects and some are severe. However, you will grow more and faster as if you were natural. I am much older than you and I feel that I need to "change" or "alter" my metabolism at this time in my life to get the gains I want (although most people here tell me to go natural). In my opinion, if you want to grow and that will give you a better self esteem, then go ahead and do a few cycles and get an early jump start and save yourself years of frustration. Now, if your mother & father are overweight now, you can be sure that you will gain quite a bit of weight naturally within the next years and then I would tell you to just be patient.
    Good luck!

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    Read this post

    Check out the above post... it's the skinny guys diet or something like that.

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